Natural, light and sleek, Woo-dy is made of solid Walnut/Cherry wood mechanical keyboard and brings nature's touch to you.

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Woo-dy, Wooden 67 Keys Compact Mechanical Keyboard

Sleek Wooden Design

Woo-dy brings the nature on your working space and relaxation to your intense working environment. The natural wooden design delivers higher quality and lighter weight than other metal keyboards.

Compatible with Multiple Systems

Woo-dy is perfectly compatible with all operating systems including Mac/iOS, Linux, Windows. And you can easily switch among different OS.

Unparalleled Ergonomic Keycap Design

Spherical keycaps with OEM profile can provide good touch and avoid accidental hits, making typing more efficient. More importantly, Woo-dy lets your fingers and wrist typing more relaxingly. Woo-dy using never-fade ABS double-shot keycaps, which looks sleek and smooth.

Programmable & Hot Swappable

Woo-dy provides software to customize your own woo-dy! With the Woo-dy software, you can choose our pre-set light effect, program macro expansion, key mapping and shortcuts. 

We provide Gateron blue/brown/red key switches, but you can swap them to others for your favourite touch.

Stunning RGB Backlight

Woo-dy has 1680 million colors of RGB LED backlighting. Because we provide a software for customization, Woo-dy gives you the freedom to create and display stunning light effects that match your class and subclass of choice. 

More Features

USB Type-C & Wireless

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